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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Mysteries of HTML

Well, it took me over an hour to figure out but I think I've got it fixed...

I was really disappointed this afternoon when I tried to show my blog to Fr Terry, OP and all I got on his computer was some text and black images saying "This image hosted by Angelfire"... and what an ungracious host it is! I scouted around the web and noted that Angelfire does not allow hotlinking, hence my pictures did not load. For some strange reason when I looked at my blog on my computer, they always loaded whether I used Internet Explorer or Firefox (now my preferred browser).

So, I looked around... I tried Flickr (whom I already had an account with) but was not too successful. So I went to Snapfish (whom I also had an account with but only to view a friend's photos.) Snapfish worked and is now hosting the images on this blog. However, they limit the display size of the image so I needed a more 'generous' host for the large title image of the blog.

I searched more and found PicPlace, a free image host. I uploaded the file and so far, so good: it is displaying and loading fairly quickly. I had to load my profile picture there because Blogger did not accept urls of over 68 characters (Duh?! Why?!!) and Snapfish has very long and convolued urls...

So, thanks to these two hosts... I hope it continues to work in the long run!!

As for HTML. It amazes me how each computer displays and interprets the code differently. Certainly, what I see on my computer surpasses what is shown on the computers in our computer centre here in the parish. I used their PCs to check the blog was working but was not entirely satisfied with the text. The font was different and there were italics where there ought not to be... Odd. Maybe I need to brush up on my HTML and tidy up the coding...

Anyone out there with advice or help, please feel free to comment or email me! It's all a mystery to me...


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