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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My 1p on the Harry Potter furore...

It's amazing that a children's book series can cause such media excitement and make so many tongues wag. But of course, when it comes to the Harry Potter books, it's not just any book series but one that has made J.K. Rowling the richest woman in Britain, surpassing Her Majesty! The books appear to seriously divide the Christian world, and even prelates find cause to comment on them. Opinions for and against them can be found among Christians of all persuasions and theological opinions. It's quite bewildering and now Pope Benedict XVI, has been said to have slammed them.

As ever, a superlative and comprehensive summary and guide to the issues and opinions involved can be found at 'Against the Grain'. This is a must-read!

As for me, I was and remain a fan of the series. I expect those who oppose the books to read them with an open mind before passing comment... I have met far too many people who refuse to read the books and then slam them as an attack of the devil! The latest book has an amazinng declaration of the power of Love to conquer all evil; Love as the one thing that selfish, ego-maniacs simply overlook and don't understand. There were other Christian ideas that came to the fore too but that stands out. This theme and the decisions that Harry and his friends make, independent of magic etc dominate the series. As for good and evil, it is soon clear which is which and that the good side is the nobler, purer and better. And obviously anyone who reads them (children and adults) roots for the good side! I rest here on this and I leave you, the reader, to decide for yourselves whether or not these are edifying books, enlightened by your conscience and the articles highlighted by 'Against the Grain'.


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