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Monday, September 05, 2005

A New Stage in Life...

Today, I spent almost 2 hours looking through a trunk full of books and memorabilia from my teenage years in Singapore. It was fun looking at old school year books, photographs and knick-knacks. Many of the books, I really had forgotten about and clearly no longer needed, so they will be given away... It's strange to be able to open up a trunk full of memories... it all seems a lifetime away. Some of the those children in the year books are now grown-up and married with children of their own! Another two of my best friends in school I had lost touch with but I received an email from one of them today and he has news that they are both in London! These last few days in Singapore, I have also met up with a good number of my friends who are resident here and we looked back with nostalgia on our years together as students, on our friendship, on over a decade of parties at my home here...

The photo above was taken at the most recent house-party on Sat 3 September (at 2am!).

And now, I am moving on to a new stage in my life. In just 6 hours' time I shall be on a flight bound for Manchester and then I shall take the train across the Pennines back to Skipton in North Yorkshire. Once there, I shall have to decide what I may take with me into the Novitiate; just what I truly need. And then on Saturday, less than a week from today, I shall move to Blackfriars in Cambridge and embark on my journey and vocation as a Dominican.

I am happy to say that the Novice Master has permitted me to keep this blog but of course, the postings may be less frequent than they now are. For this, I am hopeful that you will forgive me.

I entrust my journey tonight and all my journeys in life to Our Lady of Guadalupe and may St Dominic walk with me in my vocation. Of your charity, please spare a prayer for me too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has been a long time. I will hopefully be able to be more in touch with you when you are in Cambridge.
Nice blog. IMHO the title banner may be a bit large though.
- Dr James Teo

4:49 pm  
Blogger Liturgeist said...

Br. Paul...

Will certainly be praying for you. Safe homecoming, eh?

In caritate Xp, and with prayers to Bl. Jordan,


7:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear paul,

I'm thankful for knowing you, albeit rather briefly. Will keep you in my prayers. Take care, God bless.



2:16 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad the Novice Master permitted you to keep your blog. Though I don't keep you up-date on things happening here in SLRP, I keep you in my prayers AND best of all, I READ YOUR BLOG! Ha ha ha. God bless you.

Don't worry, I am just waiting for more exciting things to tell you. Keep us in your prayers.

Fr. TerryOP

2:38 am  

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