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Friday, April 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

For readers who still cling to the Julian calendar, a happy new year to you! Unfortunately, to the rest of the world which has adopted the Gregorian calendar, you're just dubbed an April Fool. Well, it's consoling to know that the world of taxation generally follows the Julian year... but then we always suspected taxmen as being fools, right?!

It has been the custom on this day for media companies to engage in blatant false reporting and unlike other days of the year, they actually admit it the day after! It's all for a laugh and in keeping with the light-heartedness of the day. My favourite joke must be the 'Spaghetti Tree' report which also tops this list. Click on the link and look at some of the other pranks. Alternatively, try the quiz at 'The Guardian' and see if you were April Fooled!

Whatever prank you decide to play today or whatever fish someone slaps on your back, do have a happy and safe April Fools' day!


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