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Friday, May 20, 2005

The age of Frankenstein?

I was horrified to read the paper this morning and discover that scientists in Newcastle at the ironically named 'Centre for Life' had "created three human clones, the most advanced being a female five-day old embryo..." and in South Korea, scientists had cloned thirty (!) human embryos. "They then dismantled the embryos to grow the first lines of patient-specific embryonic cells." This is PC jargon for: 'They then chopped up the babies to get the bits they needed to make millions of dollars from desperate sick people'!!

Disease and illness are ever present in this life but never before have people been so desperate to cling to life and the dream of better health that they are willing to sacrifice hundreds of innocent human lives... Are people to become Frankensteins, composed of parts of other human beings?! This is the cult of health and non-suffering at any cost... But the cost is truly too high.

Deep down, we must surely realise this is wrong. Why else is the language used so euphemistic, so clincical? The term "dismantled" is disturbing for its objectification of the person. It treats the 'embryo' as a mass of tissue and cells that can be taken apart and used for essentially selfish purposes. It struck me as odd too that if a woman has a miscarriage, we bemoan the loss of the baby, but if another woman has an abortion, we say she has "terminated the pregnancy" or refer to the baby as a foetus/embryo. Again, the terminology reveals a desire to hide from the obvious: that human life has been ended.

I do not often venture into such issues but I think the "culture of death" which Pope John Paul the Great spoke out against is really widening. This must stop!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Protectress of the Unborn, pray for us!


Blogger jordan said...

Here is an article I blogged about a while back, you might find it interesting.
Tiefel on the ‘sin of child abandonment’ related to stem-cell research
Although I stress this topic a lot on my blog, it's not enough. More of us need to start talking about this because the days of "clone and kill" for spare parts are almost here.

10:20 pm  

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