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Monday, May 02, 2005

Greetings from England!

Yesterday's The Sunday Telegraph had a rather startling but indicative article about modern Britain. Apparently the largest greeting card manufacturer in the UK is now producing cards which will cater to the modern British family:

"To Mum & Dad on your Wedding."
"To a special Step-Mum."
"Happy Christmas to Mum and boyfriend."

These are just some of the new line of politically-correct cards which will include cards for nannies, classroom assistants etc. Why a plain card with your own message for whoever ('To my dear dog-minder') would not suffice is beyond me! But then, I suppose the card company would not be able to cash in on society's woes...

I accept that the reality of relationships and families in the 21st century are complex, whether here in Britian or in the Philippines. However, there is a further step taken of not just understanding and tolerance and compassion but celebration when a card is given. It seems we are now to celebrate divorces, broken marriages and irregular relationships!? European initiatives to institutionalise 'gay marriage' has this same outlook. While I recognise that discrimination against homosexuals is contrary to Christian love and the advice of the Church, it is going a step too far to celebrate gay relationships as equivalent to marriage. I would say, 'yes' to certain rights (eg: inheritance) for homosexuals but 'no' to any form of celebrating that puts it on par with the marriage of a man and a woman which is a sacrament...

Just to put some things in perspective: Britian has the highest divorce rate in Europe, with 154,000 couples divorced last year (almost 50%). Moreover, 41% of children born last year were born out of wedlock. This is the reality of the situation, but do we have to make cards celebrating the fact? Is it being realistic and opportunistic (as most companies are) or is it just all rather cynical?


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