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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back in Skipton

The more I travel long-distance, the greater my dread of the experience... I just want to get on that plane, close my eyes and wish it would end quickly. I'm not afraid of flying but I do hate being squeezed into a tiny seat for 16 hours! The trip from Singapore to Manchester was prolonged by a two and a half hour delay in Zurich airport (which reminds me of a sanitized Auschwitz!!). However, this time, we were not allowed to leave the airplane, so we had to stay on-board. Reason for the delay? Thick fog in Manchester.

Indeed, when we finally flew over England, the valleys had thick clouds sitting in them, as if someone had stuffed cotton wool into the vales of England. When we approached Manchester, the plane descended still further and cut through the clouds until suddenly we were right above the rooftops of the city. Thankfully, our landing was safe and problem-free.

Next, I took the two hour train journey to Skipton... I quite like train journeys as one can just sit and see the beautiful Yorkshire countryside unfold and relax in the quiet of the carriage. The day turned out to be sunny, warm and bright after the morning fog had dissipated and familiar landscapes came into view as the train neared Leeds. Finally, I arrived in Skipton, 20 hours after I left Changi airport (and the embrace of my father and step-mother) in Singapore. The sight of the presbytery of St Stephen's parish (above) greeted me and a most welcome one it was too!

So, I shall be here for the next four days, getting ready for the long-awaited journey to Cambridge, and to prepare for the Novitiate! I have done quite a bit of travelling recently and look forward to a more sedate and contemplative year in Cambridge... No wonder, Fr Allan Lopez, OP today called me an "itinerant blogger-preacher"! Itinerancy is tiring, and so I'm off to get some rest now!


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God Bless you on this exciting new stage in your life,
In St. Dominic,

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