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Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Hymn to St Martin de Porres

Today, the Church rejoices in the memory of St Martin de Porres (1579 - 1639), a Dominican friar of Lima, Peru and probably one of the most popular saints of the Order. He is shown on right distributing food to the poor and with the broom, symbol of his humility. This statue of St Martin de Porres is part of the annual La Naval Procession in Manila.

The following hymn, Martine, gemma candida, is from the Dominican Breviary and is offered in translation:

"O Martin, in the halls of light
You shine, a jewel, sparkling bright;
Come now to help us from above
And bring us tokens of your love.

A pattern of God's love divine,
You have been made midst men to shine;
May every nation in you see
The image of Christ's charity.

By God's life-giving Spirit led
You cured the sick, the needy fed;
Your kind heart warmed the orphans small;
They called you Father of them all.

With flame of charity inspired
Obtain that we be strongly fired;
By which more freely God above
And neighbour, too, we hold in love.

May charity, which knows no bound,
In everyone be always found;
And Christ's same peace on all men shine,
Redeemed by his same blood divine.

All praise to Father and to Son,
And Holy Spirit, Three in One;
May they, at your request, bestow
On us their favours here below.


May he pray for us and especially for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the Southern Province of St Martin de Porres, USA.


Blogger happyguy7 said...

Great post,
I really should read more about St. Martin.

7:51 am  
Blogger happyguy7 said...

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7:52 am  
Blogger Liturgeist said...

Very cool, Br. Laurence!

Daniel: I'll have to copy you those kids stories about the saints I have...

Prayers requested from you both about something... pertinent... Will e-mail after today.

4:00 pm  

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