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Monday, March 06, 2006

New to the Blogroll...

Occasionally I find a blog that interests me and I quietly place it on my Blogroll, I have to admit, primarily for my own benefit and reference. However, now and again, something good comes to my attention and it's too good to shelve on the Blogroll unacknowledged.

Do check out John Heard's blog: Dreadnought.

It's intelligent, opinionated, compassionate, humane, strives to be faithful to the Church and hard-hitting at times. I think it's seldom we get such honest, open writing on the blogosphere and I'm impressed.

For starters, check out 'Why I am a Catholic'.

OK, the language can be less than gentle at times, but I think that's what gives the blog such honesty and truth. Well done to this Aussie Catholic!


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