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Friday, April 01, 2005

The impact of John Paul II

Despite the amount of work that I needed to do in preparation for my Despedida (Farewell party) tonight, I was glued to CNN and BBC for a few hours, watching and awaiting news on the Holy Father's condition. I was amazed to hear that on Friday, he managed to concelebrate Mass, pray the Office and the Stations of the Cross and then receive top cardinals...

The BBC has been reporting in rather ominous tones as if he were dead already or definitely going that way. One line in the news report said "... his life is ebbing away". CNN was far more balanced and pointed out that sick old men do have ups and downs albeit all rather suddenly and the Pope could go either way.

Nonetheless, I was interested in the many tributes that have poured into the BBC's website from Catholics and non-Catholics. He has truly been a beacon for our times and in his ill health continues to witness to the faith of the Church.

This Pope has shepherded Christ's flock for 26+ years. Many of my generation know none other... We are the children of JP2's era and if he should pass away, an epoch in our lifetimes will have passed too. It's food for thought...


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