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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Josef Cardinal Ratzinger and others...

A friend of mine who was also in Ushaw College with me recently sent me a rare email in which he said: "I am sure you have started your novena for Cardinal Ratzinger's election as Pope."

In fact, I did no such thing and I can publicly state that I am not convinced a Ratzinger papacy would be all that good for the Church. I believe most first-hand accounts that Cardinal Ratzinger is a wonderful and pastoral priest. I have caught a glimpse of this person myself in his many books and interviews. I am an admirer of his theology (in general) and I think we would find in him a thinker on a par with John Paul the Great. Interestingly, my (non-Catholic and Brethren-churched) uncle said to me two nights ago that he hoped Ratzinger would be the next pope. He felt someone who had a clear (and evengelical) stance on moral issues, like John Paul II would be a God-send.

However, I sincerely prefer not to hedge my bets anywhere. Maybe I am afraid of losing! My Dominican friends in Manila would probably be praying for Cardinal Schoenborn, as I am indeed inclined to but I think he may be a little too young... Maybe the next Conclave!

I have heard and seen Arinze in Rome and I was a bit taken aback by his forthright answers to some rather thorny issues thrown at him by American youth. Nonetheless, I think his approach is refreshingly African and his experience of inter-religious dialogue seems to me a great urgency these days.

On the others, I have few opinions. Suffice to say that the Archbishops of Glasgow and Westminster don't stand a chance in my eyes and I dare say I am far from a lone opinion in this!

There are other commentators far more experienced and expert than me. I only pretend to know. One such expert whom I respect is John Allen and I refer you to his insightful article. For those who are curious about Ratzinger, refer to his fansite for a comprehensive listing.

As I said earlier, I only pray that God's will be done. Whoever the man is, God will have given him to the Church and therefore, I trust there will be a good reason for his election. As St Faustina, so beloved by Pope John Paul II would have us say to Christ, the Divine Mercy: "Jesus, I trust in you!"


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