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Friday, May 20, 2005

These are a few of my favourite...

Third and final blog for today!!!
Picked up this idea from Matt at the 'Shrine of the Holy Whapping' blog and thought I'd adapt it for my CD collection... many of which I shall need to sell or donate soon! I have far too many books all over the world to count!!

1. Total number of CDs owned:
Over 1000... Yes too many and I know that everytime I more them from place to place!

2. Last CD I bought:
'The Veil of the Temple' by John Tavener; interesting musical commentary on my reading on inter-religious dialogue/ theology

3. Last CD I listened to:
Piano Concerto no.1 in E-minor, op.11 by Chopin
Played by Maurizio Pollini;
perfect music, especially the 2nd movement as I did some ironing!

4. 5 CDs that mean a lot to me:
Listed by date of composition...
i) Missa Cantate by John Sheppard, as recorded by Paul McCreesh and the Gabrieli Consort;
A fantastic reconstruction (in a series of many by McCreesh) of the Third Mass of Christmas according to the Sarum rite, actually recorded in Salisbury cathedral. Brilliant booklet notes by Eamon Duffy including a diagram of the processional routes and a top recording! Appeals to the romantic and liturgist in me!!

ii) Coronation Mass by Mozart, as recorded in St Peter's Basilica in 1985 under Herbert von Karajan. The only Papal Mass recording I know with our beloved John Paul II in fine singing form and a great orchestral Mass setting. The DVD of this Mass is also spectacular.

iii) Missa Solemnis by Beethoven, as recorded by James Levine at the Salzburg Festival in 1991 for the death of Von Karajan and featuring an all-star cast of soloists! I know it's not original instruments but there is a great massive feel and I love the Wiener Philharmoniker sound. This is my favourite of the great orchestral Masses.

iv) Messe solennelle (Vierne) and Messe a deux choeurs et deux orgues & Tu es Petrus (Widor) as recorded by the fabulous Westminster Cathedral choir, which has to be the best choir in the world! The music is absolutely outrageous, very French and blazing. The motet reminds me of the tour in France with Leeds Cathedral choir singing this very piece in Chartres and other beautiful churches.

v) Satyagraha by Philip Glass. There is only one recording I know of which was made in 1985. This has been called the greatest choral opera of modern times and there are stunning pieces in it. I love Glass - so hypnotic yet exciting and unexpected at times. The theme of non-violence is one of my favourites and it tells the life of Gandhi in music. Marvellous stuff!

5. Tag five people and ask them to do this on their blog:
Errr... I'll try the Shrine and Inferno XV...


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