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Monday, June 20, 2005

Does the CDF read blogs?!

Curiousity often leads me to see who is reading this blog. I suspect my vanity also wants to ensure that someone is reading!

The very handy Statcounter I installed answers some of my questions and I was surprised to note that at 11.45am today, someone from the Holy See viewed this blog! However, the visit was reputedly for 0 seconds, so my writings did not come under extended review by the CDF, I suppose!

On the other hand, one visitor from the USA was supposedly timed at this site for over 16 hours. I know some of the blogs are long but I don't think it would take that long to read! Maybe he or she just fell asleep?!


Anonymous Bryan Jerabek said...

Hi Paul,

I have Statcounter also, but sadly, no visits from the CDF. I suspect their more interested in things like "contemplata aliis tradere" than "quodlibeta" ;-)

But I wanted to let you know that my experience has been that the "length of visit" timer is practically useless. Basically, if you visit my page and never click on anything, then just close the browser window, it will say "0 seconds" no matter how long you read for. If you visit my page, then visit some others, then check it again a few hours later while you still have the same cookie in your browser cache, it will say that you visited for the length of time between your two visits. Make sense? It's useless, and I'm not sure why they even feature such a timer.

God bless.

9:45 pm  
Blogger Br Lawrence, O.P. said...

Thank you for clearing things up a bit. Hmmm... does that means someone at the CDF could have been poring over my works for hours?!! Oh dear!

12:15 pm  

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