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Friday, September 09, 2005

Lord, Here I Am

About a year ago, I made a PowerPoint presentation (using photos of Dominicans I'd met) inspired by a song written and sung by Fr Giuseppe Pietro V. Arsciwals, OP... or just Fr Jepoy as we call him. He was a Dominican priest I used to live with in the San Lorenzo Ruiz community in Dagat-dagatan but he has since moved to Paris for further study. A talented musician and an awesome singer (as Daniel Jeffries, the Dominican Volunteer to succeed me, discovered recently), Fr Jepoy has made several recordings of his music as part of his Dominican preaching mission.

On the eve of moving to Cambridge and to the Dominican Novitiate, I turn again to his song (which is based on the psalms) that inspired me then to offer myself to God as a Preacher and continues to inspire me today...

I have tried all morning to upload the presentation or to convert it into another format (Flash or Real) but have failed... I've also tried to upload just the sound clip but there are so many copyright issues that it's just too complicated for me to sort that out now! So, here's the words albeit without the wonderful music!

"Lord, here I am... Lord, here I am.
Lord, I come to do Your will.
Here I am, here I am. Here I am, Lord.

Sacrifice and offering, you do not ask from me.
Only ears to hear Your Word.
Lord, here I am!

Your commands are in the scroll you've written in my heart.
How I love to do Your will.
Your law's in my heart.

Lord, here I am... Lord, here I am.
Lord I come to do Your will.
Here I am, my Lord. Here I am! Here I am, my Lord."

There will be another post tomorrow morning before I set off for Blackfriars Cambridge (after Confession and Mass!).

May Our Lady of Guadalupe and St Dominic walk with me in my every journey.

(The photo above is of a mosaic of St Dominic that dominates the sanctuary of Sto Domingo church in Quezon City, the Philippines.)


Blogger happyguy7 said...

God Bless you Paul,
we're all behind you,

3:19 pm  
Blogger jordan said...

I am so excited for you Paul! What a great adventure you are about to embark upon!

Prayers and blessing going out for you.

6:46 pm  

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