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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Leo the Greater!

Today is the feast of Pope St Leo the Great


Here in Blackfriars Cambridge, we are also celebrating (yet) another day in honour of...

Leo the Greater!!

Yes, for the uninitiated, that is Leo, our Priory cat, a beautiful male Birman. His white fur looks beautiful against our white habits, especially when he is picked up and indulged (which he absolutely loves) but is a nightmare to get off our cappas!

Admittedly, not every friar is a devotee of the cat but this friar most certainly is. When the former Prior and the incumbent Prior are not available, Leo likes to spend the day sleeping in my room and on occasion even spends the night there... although he wakes me up at 4am to be let out!

He is a most affectionate cat and loves to have a fuss made over him and enjoys playing and being chased. All Hail, Leo the Greater!


Blogger happyguy7 said...

I love Leo too, he's so nice

6:44 am  

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