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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fr Philip N. Powell, O.P's blog

It's great when Dominican blogs are noticed... MonialesOP is very popular but a friar has come on the scene and his preaching style and thought-provoking posts have captured the attention of Catholic bloggers. In case you haven't been there, do check out Domine, da mihi aquam!

His latest post expresses a triple-fold longing to be in Blackfriars Oxford which is wonderful for an English Dominican to hear. It won't be long before we novices start to think along those lines too, especially when we're out toiling in the garden getting frost-bite on a cold day! :) But the weather's been sunny and bright these days and not too cold, so we're still loving Cambridge and the community here!

The post by Fra' Philip Powell, O.P. that has really caught my eye though is his analysis on the spirit of dissent in the Church. It's well worth a read and some careful consideration...


Blogger Fr. Philip N. Powell, OP said...

Dear Brother!

Greetings from Dallas, TX. Yeehaw!

Many thanks for mentioning my little blog on yours. I am having great fun with it.

As for Oxford, well, the brothers there--esp. fra Bruno and fra John Walsh--can tell you that there is no chronometer built that could measure the speed at which I would return to Oxford, if allowed. My year there was, hands-down, the best I have spent in the Order. The combo of jovial fraternity, intellectual rigor, contemplative silence...too much! Too much!

Enjoy your time there. I resist wallowing in envy. Sigh.

3:02 pm  
Blogger Br Lawrence, O.P. said...

I am delighted to hear how much you enjoyed Oxford. I think I met you very briefly in 2003 when I was there for one night as a 'sniffer'...

10:50 pm  
Blogger Fr. Philip N. Powell, OP said...

Sniffer! LOL. I remember the first time I heard that word used. I thought the brethren were saying that one of the vocation prospects was less than hygenic.

It is very likely that we met while I was there. One of the things I loved about Blackfriars, Oxford was the fact that brothers from all over the world travel through.

I'm hoping to visit in June or July for just one night.

fra. Philip

3:30 am  

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