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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Audi benigne Conditor

Station at Saint Cecilia's in Trastevere

Today's Station is at the sanctuary where the body of the illustrious Roman virgin St Cecilia, patroness of musicians, was brought back from the catacombs of St Callistus by Pope Paschal I in the 9th-century to this site where she is believed to have lived and been martyred. In the 5th-century this parish church of Rome was mentioned as one of the most celebrated in Rome and it is situated across the Tiber in Trastevere.

The hymn below is appointed for Sundays and weekdays in Lent and is believed to be composed by Pope St Gregory the Great. The beautiful chant in Mode II is coupled with these words and are well worth learning!

"Audi, benígne Cónditor,
Nóstras préces cum flétibus,
In hoc sácro jejúnio
Fúsas quadragenário.

Scrutátor álme córdium,
Infírma tu scis vírium:
Ad te revérsis éxhibe
Remissiónis grátiam.

Multum quidem peccávimus,
Sed párce confiténtibus:
Ad nóminis láudem túi,
Cónfer medélam lánguidis.

Concéde nóstrum cónteri
Córpus per abstinéntiam,
Cúlpæ ut relínquant pábulum
Jejúna córda críminum.

Praésta beáta Trínitas,
Concéde símplex Unitas:
Ut fructuósa sint túis
Jejuniórum múnera."

'Thou loving Maker of mankind,
Before Thy throne we pray and weep!
Oh, strengthen us with grace divine
Duly this sacred Lent to keep.

Searcher of hearts! Thou dost our ills
Discern, and all our weakness know;
Again to Thee with tears we turn,
Again to us Thy mercy show.

Much have we sinned; but we confess
Our guilt, and all our faults deplore:
Oh, for the praise of Thy great name
Our fainting souls to health restore!

And grant us, while by fasts we strive
This mortal body to control,
To fast from all the food of sin,
And so to purify the soul.

Hear us, O Trinity thrice blest!
Sole Unity! to Thee we cry:
Vouchsafe us from these fasts below
To reap immortal fruit on high. Amen.'


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