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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Moving on @ Oxford...

Godzdogz header

The Dominican student brothers at our Studium (Blackfriars) in Oxford have started a new blog, which I shall be significantly involved in, called 'Godzdogz'. The site will officially 'launch' and become active on the first Sunday of Advent. Please click the link or the photo above to visit the site.

When in Advent of 1511, fray Antonio de Montesino preached a sermon condemning the unjust treatment of the peoples of Hispaniola, and the Spanish colonists protested, the prior of the Dominican community rightly said: "Antonio de Montesino did not preach, the community preached".

'Godzdogz' will similarly be an example of the joy of Dominican communal preaching; it will encompass the various talents, interests and learning of our Dominican student community and other friars too. As such, it promises to be better and more fully representative of our Dominican charism than this personal blog can ever be.

Moreover, during this stage of my formation, it is vital that I concentrate my energies on study. As Humbert of Romans, one of the first and greatest of the Masters of the Order wrote: "First the bow is bent in study, then the arrow is released in preaching." My intention, in withdrawing from a daily blogging experience, is to facilitate greater attention to study.

Henceforth, any blogging I undertake shall be for 'Godzdogz'. Thank you to all my readers and friends who have been coming to this blog. I hope that you will join me in discovering 'Godzdogz' and help us, with your comments and suggestions, to make this new project something of real value to the Church and the work of "preaching and the salvation of souls".

As a final post on this site, below are some photos from the Simple Profession of Br Paul Mills and me on 20 September 2006 in Blackfriars, Cambridge. Please continue to pray for us.

Above, I make Profession in the Order of Preachers for three years...
Below, Fr Provincial blesses our scapulars

Below, Our Profession photo, taken a few weeks before the event at Thornham Parva church where the original 14th-century Domincan retable is housed:

Br Paul and I (left and right) outside the marvellous Bodleian Library in Oxford... it was good that we got here 2 weeks before the start of term because now we spend more time labouring inside libraries than sight-seeing outside them!

See you all at 'Godzdogz'!

At Blackfriars gate

Above: At the gate of our priory in Oxford.


Anonymous Vox said...

I'm so glad you're back! I've missed your blog, and will follow over (and link up) to Godzdogz (may it be a success!)

7:01 pm  
Blogger Br Lawrence, O.P. said...

Thank you and thanks for the link to Godzdogz on your blog. We're not due to start blogging until Advent... but do keep checking back.

2:55 am  
Blogger Cog said...

Fra Lawrence, I'm glad you came back for one last post, and also that you will continue over at your new domain. I look forward to reading your insights, and plan especially to go back to the daily meditations you posted for Advent last year. Congratulations on simple profession, and may your journey be further blessèd!

2:29 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats, dear Brother! May the Lord grant you perseverance! (Did I spell that right?)Your sisters across the pond are very happy for you and our English brethren!
I'm not surprised that you won't be able to continue this blog. Your studies DO COME FIRST!
May the Virgin with her loving Child bless you!

3:14 am  
Blogger antonia said...

I look forward to reading your posts again on your new site!

I hope everything is going well at Oxford!

lots of love & prayers,


8:29 pm  
Blogger war in the pocket said...

oh yay you're back! hope everything is going well... God bless.

2:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Br Lar, you need to eat just a little bit more in order to be a true follower of St Thomas.

12:45 am  
Blogger JPSonnen said...

congrats, brother! you look great in the habit of the friars! visit us in rome anytime!

1:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi have you stopped writing - have a look at this site what do you think? It is a fairly new one on the Camino.

5:18 pm  
Blogger Amy said...

Hi Brother, gee, this is an old post, but I'm still going to comment anyway : ) i like this blog and its personal-ness but I applaud your reasons for 'merging'. I really enjoy Godzdogz. God bless!

4:39 pm  

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