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Friday, May 27, 2005

Blogging from London

Here I am, sitting in an internet cafe on what is reputedly the warmest day in May since 1950! And indeed, it is rather sunny and warm today - about 30 C! I'm mad to be indoors on such a lovely day but such is my commitment to this blog and my faithful little band of readers!!

I want to thank those who have written and complimented me on the 'Corpus Christi' post. Seeing as none of the ideas are all that original, I think the credit goes to the Holy Father and Pope John Paul II. As for the editing involved in putting it together... all credit to the Holy Spirit and St Thomas Aquinas! Nonetheless, thank you for the kind comments and I am only happy that it was of some use to others.

Some people say blogging is self-indulgent but when other people find some value in what I post, I feel less guilty of this!

On the Interviews, I can say that I have been enjoying the last few days. Cambridge was beautiful and the community there was warm and friendly. I particularly enjoyed talking to the Novice Master and it was all very exciting when he measured me up for a habit! I had my interview in London (Priory shown above) this morning which again went well and tomorrow I am off to Leicester for the weekend. I hope my time there will continue in the same vein...

Of the three interviews I have had, I can disclose that all three have expressed their favourable impression of me and have also said they will vote positively at the Coetus meeting on 8 June. So... just two more interviews to go.

All this is the Lord's doing and I thank you for your prayers and support in this matter. Do continue to pray until I have met the Prior Provincial in June though and even then I hope you will keep me in your prayers as I seek to be faithful to God's call.

As ever, I entrust myself and the interviews and months ahead to Mary Immaculate, placing myself within the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to hear that things are going well P.D.

9:01 pm  
Anonymous Arlene Bautista said...

I hope everything will turn out great for you Paul....we are always praying for you.


1:02 pm  
Blogger omay said...

Glad to hear that bro. paul!!!
you are always in my prayers...

Good Luck in your Vocation

God Bless you...

2:57 pm  

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