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Monday, August 08, 2005

Mabuhay si Santo Domingo!

"Our most holy Father St. Dominic, confessor and founder of the Order of Friars Preachers. He was most illustrious, being distinguished by nobility of birth, sanctity and learning. Until death he preserved without stain his virginity and by the singular grace of his merits he raised three persons from the dead. By his preaching he curbed heresies and established many persons in a religious and godly manner of life. On August 6, his soul soared to heaven, there to receive a reward commensurate with his extraordinary works. His feast, however, is celebrated on this day, by an ordinance of Pope Paul VI." - adapted from the OP Martyrology.

This beautiful stained glass image of St Dominic de Guzman (above) adorns the facade of Caleruega, Philippines. The Dominican Family in the Philippines and its guests (among whom I was honoured to have been included) have just spent the last 24 hours there, marking the 10th anniversary of the foundation of that Dominican retreat house and the Solemnity of our Holy Father, St Dominic. Following the Dominican-Franciscan tradition, the Vicar of the Franciscans celebrated Mass for us at Caleruega today and a Franciscan preached the homily which was insightful and moving.

The Mass was celebrated with many branches of the Dominican Family present - the friars, apostolic sisters, Dominican laity, OP secular institute, Fraternity of (diocesan) priests and seminarians, and of course the Dominican Volunteers. There was much feasting indeed after Mass, and last night, games and drinking too among the friars!

Last night also, the Philippine Province launched its 'Institute for Preaching' with a bold and inspiring media presentation and we viewed a stirring short film made by the Letran College, the oldest high school in Asia and a Dominican foundation. Of course, we did not neglect to pray together, honouring the memory of St Dominic and we felt his spirit move amongst and within us, emboldening us to preach Christ to all people, as we heard about the 4-year plans of the 4 key objectives of this Province.

Truly, St Dominic lives on (mabuhay) in this Province, and indeed, throughout the Church! I have been fortunate to be able to share in the life and work of this Province for one year and to celebrate this feast with them once again. The joy and Dominican witness I have imbibed here will be of great help in the months and years ahead as I seek to grow in my Dominican vocation in the Province of England.

I wish all my Dominican brothers and sisters everywhere a blessed and happy Fiesta!

May St Dominic ever intercede for us, as he promised:

"O spem miram quam dedisti mortis hora te flentibus, dum post mortem promisisti te profuturum fratribus."

'O wonderful hope which you gave to those who wept for you at the hour of your death, promising after your departure to be helpful to your brethren.' - Responsory in honour of St Dominic.


Blogger Moniales said...

Happy Feast Day, Paul! We are praying for you for your entrance into the novitiate. Will you be allowed to keep up the blog?

6:51 pm  
Blogger Br Lawrence, O.P. said...

Thank you! I'm not sure about the blog s I have not asked yet. I will ask when I am back in England next month.

3:41 am  

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