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A meagre contribution to the mission and work of the Order of Preachers: my reflections, thoughts, ideas and the occasional rant on matters mainly theological, philosophical and ecclesiastical, drawn primarily from my reading and experience of life and the world. Striving to be always Catholic, firmly Christian and essentially Dominican, flavoured with dashes of Von Balthasar.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Your grace is sufficient for me...

The Interviews are now over and I am happy to say that they went well. Cambridge was beautiful and peaceful and the community seemed joyful and welcoming. I can see myself there for a year as a novice! The photo above of St Dominic is from Blackfriars Cambridge. London was also wonderful and I find myself feeling quite at home there. The weather was hot indeed on Friday and I went to the National Gallery to seek refuge from the heat and to look at paintings of Dominicans! I was met at Leicester by a lovely lady doctor who is a friend of the Order and helps with the selection process. We had a lunch, a great chat about ourselves, families and life and then I was taken to Holy Cross Priory. The two interviews there also went well and I enjoyed my stay with the community there, including a lovely sung Latin Mass this morning and a delicious lunch cooked by one of the friars.

I am now back in Skipton and just waiting for the next steps... A good friend of mine suggested that I start a novena of prayers as I await the Coetus meeting and their decision. What a great idea! It will help to keep me sane anyway, as I am not the best at waiting patiently!

Sitting on the train today, I realised the very real possibility that I shall indeed become a Dominican novice in September this year and I considered anew all the sacrifices it will entail and indeed, the changes in my life. It is a definite step into a new way of life and I felt rather frightened. And in the middle of this fear and self-doubt I realised that the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience pushes us to a point where we need to rely solely on God and his grace.

For with God, nothing is impossible and he gives us the strength we need to live according to the ways he has called us to. If I relied on myself and my own strength, I know it would be impossible. I should be frightened! But if I learn to depend only on God he will be my strength, my refuge, my joy and my reward... And the very real prospect of one day taking these three vows of the evangelical counsels causes me to realise how much I need God's grace and presence day after day, every moment of my life and how I need to entrust all to him, surrender every area of my self to him and to hear him say again: "Do not be afraid!"

"O Lord, I am your servant,the child of your handmaid; you have freed me from my bonds. I will offer to you a sacrifice of thanksgiving and call upon the name of the Lord. I will fulfil my vows to the Lord in the presence of all his people..." (Ps 116:14-16)

May St Dominic and all the saints of the Order be my guides!


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